"Before there were medical books and medical schools, there were people that were healing others. Some were members of a tribe or a clan. People would seek to them for their healing powers. Sometimes the healed someone spiritually, or with a concoction of specific herbs, or simply with a healing touch. They were sought out to help heal people. That was their calling. Everyone in their tribe would go to them for their ailments. They were called shamans, or healers, or the wise one, or the medicine man. It's what they did and what they dedicated their lives to. I consider myself as a healer. I am not an Eastern doctor, but I believe I am the next best thing.




I love what I do. I have been blessed to be able to do what I do for this long and still be in love with it. It's not even a job to me. I really try to "fix" people whether it is physically, spiritually, or mentally. I am very into Eastern medicine, and apply a holistic approach into treating people. Although I believe that Western medicine has its place, I was always pulled towards the Eastern ways. I grew up watching a lot of Kung Fu movies and Bruce Lee films. I think this is where I began with my love for the Eastern culture/ways. I was 17 when I started at the Central Florida School for Massage Therapy. I went to UCF for a sports massage internship shortly after graduation. My dream was to work for a professional sports team. Thankfully now I am affiliated with American Top Team, a world class mixed martial arts gym



Over the years, I have studied various methods of healing people. Massage therapy, trigger point, reflexology, cupping, etc. I have taken what's useful with these modalities and try to customize a treatment plan for my clients/patients. Bruce Lee created Jeet Kune Do when he mixed different styles of fighting to become a perfect well rounded fighter. I am trying to do the same with my treatments.  


I went to school for EMT/Firefighter around my 7th year as a therapist, but stuck with helping people with treatments. That alone should tell you my desire to help others. I have been fortunate to work on professional and semi-pro athletes, Olympic athletes, celebrities, veterans, doctors, teachers, lawyers, etc. Some have said that I have helped them more than any Western doctor, some in which can be very quick to prescribe a pill that really acts as a "band-aid" for the underlying issue.  I will forever be a student to this work. I will always and forever do my best and use my best intentions with my patients. Primum non nocere. "



- Freddie

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