"I love what I do. I have been blessed to be able to do what I do for this long and still be in love with it. I really try to "fix" people whether it is physically or mentally. I am very into Eastern medicine, and apply a holistic approach into treating people. I consider myself a natural healer/therapist.  I was 17 when I started at the Central Florida School for Massage Therapy. I went to UCF for a sports massage internship shortly after graduation. My dream was to work for a professional sports team. Thankfully now, I am affiliated with American Top Team, a world class mixed martial arts gym



Over the years, I have studied various methods of healing people. Massage therapy, trigger point, reflexology, cupping, etc. I have taken what's useful with these modalities and try to customize a treatment plan for my clients/patients. Bruce Lee created Jeet Kune Do when he mixed different styles of fighting to become a perfect well rounded fighter. I am trying to do the same with my treatments.  


I went to school for EMT/Firefighter around my 7th year as a therapist, but stuck with muscular therapy and bodywork. That alone should tell you my desire to help others. I have been fortunate to work on professional and semi-pro athletes, Olympic athletes, celebrities, veterans, doctors, teachers, lawyers, etc. Some have said that I have helped them more than any doctor, or physician. There is nothing more rewarding to hear than that. I will forever be a student to this work."



- Freddie

*We are not always available to receive you. For a guaranteed appointment, follow the link below to Schedulicity.com.  A credit card is needed to hold the appointment. Read our scheduling policies before booking. Scheduling policies are posted on Schedulicity. 


 Tel. 407-437-8991 I  422 S. Alafaya # 23 Orlando, FL 32828 I  

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Freddie G. LMT           Licensed since 2001           MA34783

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