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I want to start off and say thank you for your business. I have been investing a great deal to improve my business and finding ways to cut costs without affecting your experience. I have decided to eliminate the use of sheets as necessary. I still have sheets available upon request and also depending on the type of service. You do not have to get undressed for your session, but you must remove footwear when on the table. Please wear loose fitting clothes, i.e. gym shorts, compression shorts, yoga pants. I have been swamped with washing sheets. Not only does this protocol cut costs, but it also saves me on time. Again, I have no problem whatsoever putting sheets on the table when asked, or if you may get cold during treatment. I also purchased an industrial fan if it gets too warm in the room. I have had some issues with this previously.

*We are not always available to receive you. For a guaranteed appointment, follow the link below to Schedulicity.com.  A credit card is needed to hold the appointment. Read our scheduling policies before booking. Scheduling policies are posted on Schedulicity. 


 Tel. 407-437-8991 I  422 S. Alafaya # 23 Orlando, FL 32828 I  

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Freddie G. LMT           Licensed since 2001           MA34783

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